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A digital transformation for government workers

11 November 2016

Microsoft's Natalia Boldyreva looks at how Office 365 can fundamentally transform how government work gets done

Smart working and modern workplaces: a Microsoft webinar

2 November 2016

A recent Microsoft webinar examined how civil servants can realise the full benefits of mobile, flexible and modern workplaces with the Government Hubs programme

Digital Transformation in Government: Key takeaways from organisations that have transformed

25 October 2016

Microsoft looks at three focus areas of organisations that have successfully implemented digital transformation strategies

Bridging the UK Digital Skills Gap in the Public Sector

27 September 2016

Microsoft's Adrian Alleyne takes a look at how the UK public sector can bridge the digital skills gap

Bringing government data to life

8 June 2016

Microsoft shows a few of the ways that governments can turn data into insight

Case Study: Harnessing Flight Data to Transform UK Airspace

18 May 2016

NATS, which manages all flights in UK controlled airspace, has achieved unprecedented results using Microsoft's SQL Server and Azure

Unlocking the power of big data

16 May 2016

Microsoft surveys a handful of capabilities offered by SQL Server 2016