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A picture of a digital transformation for government workers

A digital transformation for government workers

11 November 2016

Microsoft's Natalia Boldyreva looks at how Office 365 can fundamentally transform how government work gets done

A picture of smart working and modern workplaces

Smart working and modern workplaces: a Microsoft webinar

2 November 2016

A recent Microsoft webinar examined how civil servants can realise the full benefits of mobile, flexible and modern workplaces with the Government Hubs programme

A picture of digital transformation in government

Digital Transformation in Government: Key takeaways from organisations that have transformed

25 October 2016

Microsoft looks at three focus areas of organisations that have successfully implemented digital transformation strategies

A picture of the UK skills gap

Bridging the UK Digital Skills Gap in the Public Sector

27 September 2016

Microsoft's Adrian Alleyne takes a look at how the UK public sector can bridge the digital skills gap

A picture of the bringing government to life

Bringing government data to life

8 June 2016

Microsoft shows a few of the ways that governments can turn data into insight

A picture of Harnessing Flight Data

Case Study: Harnessing Flight Data to Transform UK Airspace

18 May 2016

NATS, which manages all flights in UK controlled airspace, has achieved unprecedented results using Microsoft's SQL Server and Azure

A picture of SQL

Unlocking the power of big data

16 May 2016

Microsoft surveys a handful of capabilities offered by SQL Server 2016