Top tips: How to improve the relationship between departments and arm’s-length bodies

27 July 2017

New research by the Public Chairs’ Forum (PCF), Association of Chief Executives (ACE) and Institute for Government (IfG) highlights the need for greater consistency, strategic collaboration,...

Opinion: How to make the civil service brilliant by mirroring global government’s other stars

26 July 2017

A new international league table shows where the civil service is world classed – and where Whitehall is lagging behind. Sharing of practice can help tackle shared problems

UK civil service ‘only the fourth best in the world’

6 July 2017

Study finds Whitehall is the world’s most effective civil service for generating policy, but falls down ranking in areas like financial management and digital services

Government suppliers sign up to Whitehall prompt payment pledge

5 July 2017

Firms representing 40% of central government procurement spending agree to quicken payments to tackle £26bn backlog

Red ratings for four of the government’s major projects

27 July 2017

Infrastructure and Projects Authority says number of "at risk" schemes has dropped from 44 in 2016 to 38 this year 

Number of civil servants in digital, data, and tech roles continues to rise

24 July 2017

While the civil service has shrunk dramatically, its volume and proportion of IT and digital professionals have gone up and up, ONS data reveals

Business appointments watchdog reports spike in applications

21 July 2017

ACOBA's annual report shows 27% hike in requests from former Crown servants to take up non-Whitehall roles