Highest paying Whitehall departments revealed

26 May 2017

Senior civil service has biggest range of average salaries of any grade across Whitehall, with Treasury chiefs paid least

Non-executive directors: How useful have they really been?

10 May 2017

Little is known about the contribution of non-executives in Whitehall departments since their role was expanded in 2010. A new study aims to find out how they work

General election 2017: manifestos and the trouble with a snap vote

24 April 2017

Faced with an unexpected election, political parties will be scrambling to write manifestos – and civil servants will be working to analyse them. Steve O’Neil sets out what to look for...

Dave Penman on life and taxes

24 April 2017

Momentous life events remind us why the last thing we need is politicians playing fast and loose with our public services

Making the global village a reality for policy

3 May 2017

At a time of constrained resources for civil servants, learning from other governments’ mistakes and successes is one way to save time and money

What will Brexit mean for Defra?

13 April 2017

Untangling the UK’s complicated relationship with European environmental policies and subsidies could be the hardest part of leaving the EU. Mark Rowe reports