Andrew Greenway: Whitehall’s reasons to be cheerful before a horrific 2018

15 December 2017

Parts of the civil service have spent 2017 developing bold new ways to do things in government. They must prosper in what will be an uncomfortable year ahead

Grenfell Tower inquiry: nine lessons from previous Whitehall probes

13 December 2017

The government has recently set up a number of high-profile inquiries, including into child sexual abuse and the Grenfell Tower fire. As the terms of reference for the Grenfell Tower probe are...

Bright start: reviewing a decade of Whitehall apprentices

4 December 2017

As the civil service apprenticeships drive moves up a gear, Cabinet Office early talent manager Kimberley Adderley looks back on a decade of progress with Whitehall veteran Ian Watmore

Opinion: Devolution agenda shows signs of life in Budget speech

22 November 2017

New commitments to move powers out of Westminster were the bright spots in a Budget speech that didn’t address some of the key challenges faced at the frontline of much public service delivery

Colin Talbot: Where to look to get real Budget picture

22 November 2017

Amid the theatre of the House of Commons, much Budget detail is hidden away in the Red Book, reveals the bigger picture for the public sector

The ten key questions – and nine answers – facing the public sector on GDPR

12 December 2017

With less than six months until new data-protection law is introduced, PublicTechnology hears from regulators and data professionals across central and local government about what they see as the...

Does Brexit spell the end for the unified British civil service?

1 December 2017

Leaving the EU will have wide, and unpredictable, effects on the UK’s devolved administrations. Mark Rowe reports on what the outcome might be

The Mighty and the Almighty review: a new anthology on how political leaders "do God"

11 July 2017

Geoffrey Lyons reviews Nick Spencer’s The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders do God – a collection of essays on how current and former heads of state engage with faith...