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Government actuary Martin Clarke

Risky business: what's it like being the Government Actuary?

14 February 2017

From pensions to student loans, actuaries play a vital role in analysis risk right across government. Here, the government actuary explains his work

Money 800x450

Tom Gash of the Institute for Government: An end to bungled private sector deals?

10 February 2017

Proper management of outsourced services is the only way to avoid the contracting fiascos of recent years, argues the IfG's Tom Gash

whitehall numbers, statistics, data

Automation could free up talented public servants to focus on what they do best

6 February 2017

Automation will need to be handled with sensitivity by managers – but any upgrade in public services must start with the workforce, argues Alexander Hitchcock of the Reform think tank

Donald Trump

Trump inauguration: presidential transitions and intra-administration tensions

20 January 2017

As Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, Kings College London research fellow Joe Devanny looks at the tensions that arise between administrations and considers parallels with Whitehall

a telephone with a note attached to it saying 'call in sick'

Former DWP perm sec Sir Leigh Lewis on how to reduce sickness absence in the civil service

20 January 2017

Reducing sickness absence is a vital task for leaders, and it must start with some difficult conversations if real progress is to be made 

Town hall, devolution

Why the localism agenda in public services is failing to get off the ground

19 January 2017

Worrying projections about our “unsustainable” public finances mean the rhetoric around decentralisation must now become a reality

A view of Stormont at night time

The big stink that ended a Fresh Start: what the Northern Ireland crisis means for its civil service

18 January 2017

With a snap election looming after the Northern Ireland executive was brought down by a scandal over renewable heat incentives,  Alan Bermingham explores the governance and public finance implications of the Stormont crisis 

Tax return by Dave Crosby

Jill Rutter: Why we need a fresh approach to tax policymaking

16 January 2017

Having cut the calendar of major fiscal events from two a year to just one, chancellor Philip Hammond must now use his extra time and energy to add some grit to the tax policymaking process

Perm secs round-up 2016

Editorial: On CSW's December cover and BAME representation in the civil service

13 January 2017

CSW editor Jess Bowie responds to concern over the lack of ethnic diversity on CSW's December cover

HMRC tax return

Fixing HMRC's performance management system could benefit vulnerable claimants as well as staff

12 January 2017

The "guided distribution" constraints put upon HMRC officials can worsen the financial hardship of tax credit claimants, argues Bangor University's Sara Closs-Davies

Theresa May

Sue Cameron: Theresa May needs to stick up for the civil service in the Brexit tug of war

11 January 2017

 As Whitehall comes under attack, Downing Street needs to lead from the front, argues Sue Cameron

 David Cameron and Ivan Rogers

Are high-profile resignations like Sir Ivan Rogers' the sign of a healthy system?

10 January 2017

Exactly why the UK's EU ambassador resigned will remain a mystery for some time. But, says former special adviser Dan Corry, top officials usually quit when subject to constant criticising, whispering and gossip from politicians