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Opinion: Devolution agenda shows signs of life in Budget speech

22 November 2017

New commitments to move powers out of Westminster were the bright spots in a Budget speech that didn’t address some of the key challenges faced at the frontline of much public service delivery

Colin Talbot: Where to look to get real Budget picture

22 November 2017

Amid the theatre of the House of Commons, much Budget detail is hidden away in the Red Book, reveals the bigger picture for the public sector

Diversity strategy: 'The civil service is finally listening to BAME voices'

20 November 2017

Rob Neil, chair of Civil Service Race Forum, argues this strategy moves beyond a tick box approach to diversity and calls for a radical culture shift across government

Hetan Shah: why the election showed purdah rules need to be reformed

17 November 2017

When even reports on albatross observation are being suppressed, it’s clear that existing purdah regulations must change

Dave Penman: Don’t blame civil servants if Brexit talks collapse

15 November 2017

If the UK’s negotiations to leave the European Union are at risk of bombing, it is down to the political uncertainty, not officials working in difficult circumstances

Get to know… the networks for civil service staff with hearing and visual disabilities

10 November 2017

Setting up four networks for the Ministry of Defence and wider civil service was a mammoth task, but a tremendous opportunity to promote hearing and visual disability 

Let civil servants do their job: the Brexit impact studies should not be published

6 November 2017

If government has to give a running commentary on the Brexit talks, then the negotiations will suffer. Sometimes secrecy can be in the national interest

How the civil service should deal with sexual harassment allegations

6 November 2017

As claims and revelations engulf the worlds of politics and entertainment, Whitehall must make sure its procedures are up to scratch

Get to know… Civil Service START, the network for new civil servants

3 November 2017

Civil Service START is a new cross-Government network for civil servants in the first five years of their careers. Run by and for new starters, the network aims to help new colleagues connect with peers and discover the wide range of work that goes on across the civil service.