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Evolution not revolution: top tips for civil servants to prepare for GDPR

7 September 2017

New rules mean Whitehall departments will need to think about privacy implications and data protection issues right at the start of policy developments. Here’s how to get ready for the change

Dave Penman: Priti Patel’s pay attack on civil servants more dark arts than silly season

5 September 2017

Summer recess spurns all kinds of stories, but the international development secretary’s splash on ‘crazy’ Whitehall salaries was particularly cowardly

Hetan Shah: Lessons for Whitehall from the migration statistics fiasco

29 August 2017

The revelation that the number of students overstaying their visa is much lower than expected exposes the impact of bad data in policymaking. More must be done to address poor quality figures to ensure the government is not caught out again

Solving the Whitehall pay puzzle: let civil servants cash in some benefits

24 August 2017

Public sector pay has been in the headlines, but there’s a lack of innovative thinking on changing the reward package across government. It’s time to try more radical solution

Opinion: Why relocating civil servants out of Whitehall doesn’t boost regional growth

16 August 2017

If Whitehall pushes ahead with plans to move civil servants around the country, it must conduct proper impact evaluations

Opinion: Why civil servants shouldn’t check their emails on holiday

10 August 2017

Civil servants are increasingly working overtime and face being continually on call for major emergencies. Whitehall staff need uninterrupted breaks to recharge their batteries – even if that means leaving some summer emails unanswered

Grenfell Tower inquiry: nine lessons from previous Whitehall probes

4 August 2017

The government has recently set up a number of high-profile inquiries, including into child sexual abuse and the Grenfell Tower fire. As the terms of reference for the Grenfell Tower probe are finalised, this is how inquiries can earn trust

Top tips: How to improve the relationship between departments and arm’s-length bodies

27 July 2017

New research by the Public Chairs’ Forum (PCF), Association of Chief Executives (ACE) and Institute for Government (IfG) highlights the need for greater consistency, strategic collaboration, transparency, and better cross-government working to improve partnerships between arm’s-length bodies (ALBs) and government departments. Here’s what can be done.

Opinion: How to make the civil service brilliant by mirroring global government’s other stars

26 July 2017

A new international league table shows where the civil service is world classed – and where Whitehall is lagging behind. Sharing of practice can help tackle shared problems