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Antonia Romeo reflects on the Department for International Trade's first year

13 July 2017

Established as Theresa May came to power, the international trade department has spent the last year supporting business and laying the groundwork for future trade deals, argues its permanent secretary

Book review: Robin Butler - At the Heart of Power From Heath to Blair

7 July 2017

Robin Butler was at the heart of some of No. 10’s greatest crises. But Sue Cameron says a new biography doesn’t always capture the drama

Gavin Freeguard: How open data can address Whitehall's challenges in the next five years

29 June 2017

If Theresa May wants to inspire confidence after a bruising election campaign, she should embrace openness and accountability

DfE perm sec Jonathan Slater: Employers should see gender pay gap reporting as an opportunity

28 June 2017

The Education permanent secretary sheds light on how his department is trying to tackle the problem of women being paid less than men

Not picking up the Slack: Whitehall instant messaging clampdown reveals lack of trust in civil servants

23 June 2017

Group chat services can make civil servants more efficient by reducing email overload. If government does not embrace them, it will lose out

Moral maze: how can civil servants find their way through ethical problems?

21 June 2017

For people working in government, getting on with the task at hand should not be a morality-free process, says Claire Foster-Gilbert

Brexit negotiations: exploring special status for Northern Ireland

20 June 2017

All sides in the Brexit talks want an early agreement on the status of Northern Ireland. At a time when the Northern Ireland Civil Service gets new interim head, what will that mean in practice? CIPFA's Alan Bermingham explores one possible solution to the unique challenges in this region

OPINION: From spad to good? After Timothy and Hill, now is the time to end government by fear and abuse

12 June 2017

The former DWP permanent secretary argues for a return to civility in the corridors of power, and offers his tips for preventing the ascendance of overmighty special advisers whose presence crushes open debate and discussion

Meet the minister: a civil servant’s guide to the first day with the new boss

12 June 2017

A cabinet minister’s first day at their new department can set the tone for years to come. Andrew Greenway recalls those early encounters

Same difference? How the GDPR will differ from the DPA – and what public servants need to do now

9 June 2017

For a public sector only just beginning to adapt to the demands of digital data, the looming General Data Protection Regulation obligations could be alarming. Jane Roberts of Toplevel asks how the GDPR will differ from existing legislation