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Jane Dudman: After David Cameron's Cold War with the civil service, Theresa May has a chance to put things right

13 September 2016

As David Cameron announces his departure from parliament, Jane Dudman calls for Theresa May – no stranger to confronting public officials – to take a different tack with the civil service

The debate over public spending can be baffling – but the principles are very simple

13 September 2016

Civil servants are famed for their analytical skills, but debts, deficits and downturns can still be perplexing concepts. David Tyrrall from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy offers a handy primer on the basics of national accounting – and busts a few myths on the way

Why student engagement data should be at the heart of higher education policymaking

8 September 2016

There's a wealth of data out there on student engagement, says Emilie Sundorph of the Reform think tank – measuring it should be a compulsory part of the government's new Teaching Excellence Framework

Dave Penman: Are civil servants really Europhile Brexit-resisters?

2 September 2016

The civil service can deliver the best outcome possible from exiting the EU, says the FDA union's general secretary – but only if it is given clear political direction as well as the required capability and capacity

Driving a culture of collaboration in the civil service

22 August 2016

How can Whitehall departments be persuaded to collaborate more effectively to achieve greater efficiency and savings? Mark Smulian reports on a round table discussion of the issue sponsored by CGI at Civil Service Live and led by the Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Richard Heaton

What’s the civil service doing to nurture black and minority ethnic leaders?

22 August 2016

Whitehall can do more to boost the representation of BAME staff in its top ranks – but, says Angela Seesurrun of Civil Service Resourcing, there are already signs of positive change

Devolving power from Whitehall should be a big opportunity for charities. So why are they worried?

10 August 2016

The voluntary sector should be well placed to help deliver services in the devolution era. But, as Patrick Murray of charity think tank the New Philanthrophy Capital writes, many fear that fragmentation of services and opaque contracting arrangements could shut them out

HMRC's former comms chief Simon MacDowall: Don't obsess about the Westminster Village – citizens want well-run services

5 August 2016

Simon MacDowall, a former communicationss director in three departments, argues that true success lies not in spinning media lines but in putting citizens’ needs first

Ignore the doom-mongers. The Government Digital Service is evolving, not retreating

4 August 2016

The GDS's new leader Kevin Cunnington now has the opportunity to complete the cultural shift from confrontation to collaboration with departments, says digital inclusion specialist Matthew Trimming​

Trust in business is low – but consulting has a special role to play in post-Brexit Britain

3 August 2016

The referendum campaign revealed the gap that has opened up between businesses and their consumers – so it's vital that the consulting industry shows it can be trusted

The Government Digital Service shake-up is a victory for senior officials at the expense of citizens

2 August 2016

The big leadership changes in government digital seem like a triumph for those who believe a government organised along Victorian lines is still fit for fixing today’s problems, argues former senior civil servant Andrew Greenway