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Fixing HMRC's performance management system could benefit vulnerable claimants as well as staff

12 January 2017

The "guided distribution" constraints put upon HMRC officials can worsen the financial hardship of tax credit claimants, argues Bangor University's Sara Closs-Davies

Are high-profile resignations like Sir Ivan Rogers' the sign of a healthy system?

10 January 2017

Exactly why the UK's EU ambassador resigned will remain a mystery for some time. But, says former special adviser Dan Corry, top officials usually quit when subject to constant criticising, whispering and gossip from politicians

"Enemies of the people"? It's not Whitehall's job to carry out simplistic commands without question

9 January 2017

The recent attacks on the civil service paint it as being incapable of making Brexit work. But senior officials are increasingly alarmed that the government is forcing them into positions that make them look stupid and out of control

As Brexiteers trashed Sir Ivan Rogers' reputation, why did ministers stay silent?

5 January 2017

Many talented civil servants have stepped forward to work on Brexit, says Dave Penman of the FDA union. So why aren't ministers doing more to defend them?

Why the public sector needs data champions

3 January 2017

Opening up the government's data sets will make public service commissioning more effective as well as helping service users, argues Andrew Weston of charity think tank New Philanthropy Capital

Dame Julie Mellor: Why departments must take citizens' complaints seriously

21 December 2016

Complaints are an opportunity for public services to learn and improve, says Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor, as the watchdog publishes fresh research on how departments respond to public concerns

How Whitehall can help make Theresa May's policy priorities stick

15 December 2016

From social mobility to industrial strategy, the new prime minister must act now if she wants her big priorities to get off the ground, says the Institute for Government's Emma Norris

Brexit challenges what the civil service values most: continuity and certainty

12 December 2016

Whitehall has retained its objectivity as beyond dispute since the referendum result. But in 2017, officials will need to help ministers manage public expectations of what Brexit will achieve

Perm secs round-up 2016: Britain's top civil servants review the year and look ahead to 2017

1 December 2016

With the end of 2016 fast approaching, we asked the UK's top civil servants to look back at the year, outline their goals for 2017 – and shed some light on their festive favourites. This list will be updated throughout December, so check back regularly!

Is greater professional autonomy the secret to a happy civil service?

29 November 2016

Whitehall's annual people survey provides a moment of catharsis – but, Jane Dudman wonders, is it asking the wrong questions?