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In the tense aftermath of the Brexit vote, it's the job of all public bodies to take on hate crime and prejudice

29 July 2016

Prejudice and discrimination can rise at a time of heightened insecurity, says Dr Marc Verlot of the Equality and Human Rights Commission – and it's not just the job of the police to tackle it

Here's why the scrapping of DECC could actually be good for climate change policy

29 July 2016

Climate sceptics were jubilant when Theresa May announced the end of a dedicated climate change department. But, as Professor Sam Fankhauser of the Grantham Research Institute argues, bringing together the teams working to cut carbon with those drawing up industrial policy could be a smart move 

Civil service whistleblowing: despite positive steps, there's a way to go to ensure officials feel able to speak out

28 July 2016

While steps to improve data on whistleblowing are welcome, civil servants need more reassurance that they won't be penalised for challenging wrongdoing, says Tom Casey of the independent whistleblowing charity​ Public Concern At Work

DWP's Jobcentres could do much more to ensure people stay in work

28 July 2016

Jobcentres have won praise for getting people into work at a time of economic crisis. But ensuring they're fit for the digital age will need ministerial resolve as well as technical know-how, argues William Mosseri-Marlio of the Reform think tank

Drones, leadership churn – and John Major-era submarines: 8 things we learned about the government's Major Projects Portfolio

27 July 2016

Earlier this month, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority published its annual report shedding light on the government’s largest and most complex projects. Alongside details on budget and timelines, each project is given a red, amber or green rating to indicate how likely it is to deliver expected benefits. Suzannah Brecknell takes a look at some of the key findings

Sue Cameron: The lessons of Brexit and Chilcot are the same – we must stop putting politics above good government

25 July 2016

A lack of planning, a breakdown of cabinet government, the sidelining of civil service advice – the parallels between the Iraq debacle and the aftermath of the Brexit vote are striking, argues Sue Cameron

There are still too few women at the top of Whitehall – here's what the Home Office is doing to change that

20 July 2016

Jo Hopkins, chair of the Home Office women’s network and senior sponsor of the Gender Equality Network, welcomes the steps being taken to encourage women from all backgrounds to join the civil service – and says the barriers women face are not just around gender but also race, ethnicity, sexuality, faith, age and background

Manj Kalar: The civil service's finance professionals must rise to the Brexit challenge

20 July 2016

Economic uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote will mean taking a fresh look at public spending – but civil servants are adept at navigating  uncharted waters, says Manj Kalar of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Could Theresa May's appointment prompt a rethink of how Whitehall does national security?

19 July 2016

Theresa May arrives at Number 10 with years of experience on the government's key decision-making body on security. Dr Joe Devanny of the International Centre for Security Analysis takes a look at what the new government will mean for the way departments support prime ministers on national security issues

Sir Leigh Lewis: Is it time to overhaul the civil service grade system?

19 July 2016

In the first of his occasional opinion pieces on issues that matter to officials, former permanent secretary Sir Leigh Lewis takes aim at the  civil service grading system 

What's it really like for civil servants when departments are broken up?

18 July 2016

The policy and strategy arguments for reshaping Whitehall may be strong, says former senior official Dunstan Hadley, but the human upheaval and logistical nightmare should never be overlooked

The Civil Service Workforce plan: everything you need to know

18 July 2016

Amid all the drama of last week’s arrival of a new government, it was easy to miss the launch of the Civil Service Workforce Plan. But, as Suzannah Brecknell explains, it’s a document that could have major implications for the future of the organisation as it grapples with the big challenges ahead