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Why we need a more grown-up relationship between departments and their arm's length bodies

8 November 2016

The drive to achieve greater consistency in the relationships between departments and ALBs is welcome, says Chris Banks of the Public Chairs' Forum – but it's time to move away from the "parent-child" model

Civil service social mobility: the uncomfortable truths the Fast Stream still needs to confront

7 November 2016

As an organisation, we seem content to recruit from among the ranks of the poor and those of humble origin – but less content with placing them in important positions

Lesley Hume: Why we’re building a government Counter Fraud Profession

4 November 2016

Cabinet Office executive director Lesley Hume reflects on the need for a Government Counter Fraud Profession to recognise the work of people in the field and increase the government’s ability to identify and deal with fraud

Why Theresa May's ministers must not forget about digital government

31 October 2016

With the new government focused on Brexit, Theresa May and Philip Hammond have not voiced their support for making government digital – but the potential for savings is huge

What I learned when I made the leap from Whitehall to Westminster

25 October 2016

Steve O'Neil went from being a civil servant in the Department for Education to helping the Liberal Democrats draw up their 2015 manifesto as the party's deputy head of policy. He tells CSW what he learned on the journey – and why he believes good policymaking requires both public consent and rigorous planning

Watch: PACAC chair Bernard Jenkin on why we need a civil service inquiry

20 October 2016

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee chairman Bernard Jenkin explains why his committee has launched a new inquiry into the work of the civil service. Click here for a full report on his speech to the Institute for Government

Dame Julie Mellor: The DVLA must deal with the serious public service failures uncovered in our report

20 October 2016

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor calls for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to take urgent action, after a report by the watchdog finds that the DVLA has wrongly denied people with certain medical conditions and disabilities the right to drive

Sue Cameron: It’s early days, but this Brexit lark’s already a goldmine for satirists

17 October 2016

The spirit of Yes, Minister lives on in the UK's bid to disentangle itself from the European Union, writes Sue Cameron

With Brexit dominating Whitehall's in-tray, Theresa May must learn to prioritise

13 October 2016

Leaving the European Union will be a massive task. But the government also needs a strategy for cutting day-to-day spending while maintaining, or indeed improving, the quality of public services


Former DWP perm sec Sir Leigh Lewis on the problem with winter fuel payments

12 October 2016

During my many years inside government I met ministers from all parties who, privately, agreed that universal Winter Fuel Payments were a costly and untargeted indulgence which we could ill afford

Dave Penman: MPs got very excited about the civil service's Brexit planning – maybe they should brush up on the constitution

11 October 2016

As MPs went round in circles on Chilcot and the EU referendum, the FDA general secretary Dave Penman wondered how Sir Jeremy Heywood maintained his calm, settled demeanour

Headcount, pay gaps & progress on diversity: 8 things we learned from the latest civil service stats

6 October 2016

As fresh Office for National Statistics data shines a light on headcount, salary and diversity within the civil service, CSW's Jim Dunton analyses the key findings