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Matt Foster: Extra payouts for David Cameron's inner circle won't be forgotten by civil servants

15 July 2016

Cameron's decision to reward Spads at the same time as the civil service faces cuts in redundancy pay will stick in the minds of many civil servants, says CSW's deputy editor Matt Foster

Profile: Who is Ben Gummer, the new minister for the Cabinet Office?

15 July 2016

With Matt Hancock leaving the government as part of new prime minister Theresa May's frontbench shake-up, CSW's colleagues on Dods People have put together a profile of Ben Gummer, the man who replaces him as minister for the Cabinet Office

There’s a global shortage of trade negotiators – but here’s how Whitehall can get the team it needs for Brexit

15 July 2016

Negotiating fresh trade deals in the wake of Britain's departure from the European Union will be a mammoth task – and the civil service must step up its efforts to assemble the right team of experts for the job, says headhunter David Archer

Jess Bowie: The Brexit camp must stop attacking the civil service

11 July 2016

From the editor: The “Leave” vote may have been a surprise, but civil servants will implement it with energy and integrity 

David Walker: What will Brexit mean for public sector contracting?

8 July 2016

Contracting firms’ share prices have been yo-yoing, but all the Conservative leadership contenders are on-side and some are positively bullish about expanding private sector involvement

Dave Penman: My son has it right on Europe

5 July 2016

While civil servants navigate the EU divorce, politicians need to ponder why so many fear what is beyond our borders

Sue Higgins: There's a real appetite for devolution – but the government's plans lack clear direction

30 June 2016

Sue Higgins, who leads work on local government for the National Audit Office spending watchdog, says any government wanting to take forward the government devolution agenda will need to ensure that questions of accountability and resourcing are answered

Bernard Jenkin: Using Article 50 to quit the EU risks making a mockery of Britain's decision

29 June 2016

No international court is going to insist that the UK government must submit the UK to a process laid down in a treaty our voters have just rejected, says the chairman of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs select committee

EU referendum: your step-by-step guide to how Brexit would play out

23 June 2016

As Britain heads to the polls to vote on the the UK’s membership of the European Union, the result seems impossible to predict. But many are asking what, in practical terms, would happen if the country votes to leave. Here, Dr Alan Renwick of the UCL Constitution Unit gives a point-by-point overview of what the road to Brexit might look like

Dave Penman: Civil servants will do whatever it takes to get the job done — but that shouldn’t mean working all hours

23 June 2016

Demanding more work for less money from civil servants risks damaging public services, says the FDA union's general secretary

EU referendum: What are the lessons for political communicators from the Leave and Remain camps?

22 June 2016

The debate over whether Britain should leave or remain in Europe shows that we are more emotional than rational – but political communicators must not get bogged down in a campaign of fear