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Civil service employment up for first time in a year

14 June 2017

Small increase in Whitehall headcount reported by ONS, but employment remains almost 150,000 posts below peak set before spending cuts

Theresa May’s new chief of staff blames public sector pay cap for election losses

13 June 2017

Gavin Barwell, Theresa May's new chief of staff, identified austerity and Brexit as key factors behind the Conservatives' general election losses

Civil servants studying in their own time to catch up on digital skills

12 June 2017

Nearly half of civil servants do not feel their digital training has been sufficient, with 36% saying they rely on self-directed study to ensure they have the right skills for their role

Election result: Theresa May expected to agree deal with DUP on Tuesday

12 June 2017

Funding for Irish farmers and a softer approach to Brexit are understood to be among the DUP’s requests in return for supporting the minority Conservative government, as other leaders raise concerns about content of a Conservative-DUP deal

Government reshuffle: Damian Green named Cabinet Office minister and first secretary of state

12 June 2017

Close ally of Theresa May will take on responsibility for civil service as ‘deputy prime minister in all but name’ while Michael Gove returns to government

Election result: What civil servants need to know about the DUP manifesto

9 June 2017

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party has new-found influence in Westminster now its 10 MPs look likely to prop up the Conservative minority government. Here are some its key policies of interest to the public sector.