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BT appoints senior executive to lead Public Sector business in Scotland

27 March 2017

BT has appointed a new senior executive, David Wallace, to head up its public sector business in Scotland and implement a new strategic direction to increase local focus nationwide

Is a lack of access to mobile technology holding the public sector back?

14 March 2017

BT looks at what's holding back the public sector from integrating new technology and enabling more flexible working 

Cyber apprentices and the escalating data arms race

17 November 2015

Cyber security apprentices from government to join apprentices from BT at networking and training event later this month

SMEs – the future of innovation in the UK

26 October 2015

BT's Ian Dalton shares his insights on the role that SMEs can play in transforming public services

The health of the nation in 2025

13 October 2015

How advances in medical technology and telecare are changing the face of healthcare in the UK

Educater - helping the public sector learn its lessons

3 September 2015

James Sutherland, one of the three co-founders and directors of start-up The...

Knocking on the public sector’s door

3 September 2015

BT explore the the way in which customers want to engage is changing, and how the public sector can keep up

Video Highlights: Cyber Security: Assurance, resilience, response

3 August 2015

On July 16 BT partnered with Reform and KPMG to host a half day conference on cyber security and how the new government can help to ensure that the digital economy is as safe and secure as...